Jeremy Utley

Palo Alto

Jeremy Utley

In our collaboration with Stanford Adjunct Professor Jeremy Utley, we embarked on a journey to amplify academic ideas through personal branding. Our mission was to help Jeremy find his distinctive voice, creating a platform that resonates with intellectual authority and fosters connection.
For Jeremy, the challenge lay in translating academic brilliance into a compelling personal brand. We aimed to build a digital presence that not only reflects the depth of ideas but also communicates a sense of authority and approachability, setting the stage for impactful engagement.
Our collaboration with Jeremy resulted in a transformative personal branding journey. The website now serves as a powerful extension of his ideas, showcasing a harmonious blend of blog post, courses, speaker engagements, and a 3 season podcast. We've successfully established a platform that not only elevates his academic presence but also enhances his ability to engage with a broader audience.

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The Process

Research & Analysis
During our exploration phase, we delved into Jeremy's individual interests, style, and competitors sharing a similar mission. Our investigation involved scrutinizing top-performing websites with impressive conversion rates. Additionally, we conducted interviews with Jeremy to comprehend his pain points and user requirements. Extensive research into competitor websites and industry trends further provided valuable insights.
Wire-framing & Prototyping
To materialize the new layout and navigation, we crafted low-fidelity wireframes. These were continuously refined based on iterative feedback from Jeremy. Originally, Jeremy's website used a template on GoDaddy. However, following a thorough analysis of Jeremy's data and requirements, we opted to shift the platform to Squarespace. This strategic move allowed him to have a comprehensive website without facing a steep technical learning curve, empowering him to manage and update the site as needed.
Usability Testing
Validation of the design and identification of areas for improvement were achieved through usability tests conducted with a diverse group of users. Subsequent to receiving feedback, necessary adjustments were made to enhance the overall design.
Visual Design & Style Guide
A cohesive visual language, encompassing color schemes, typography, and iconography, was developed to ensure consistency across Jeremy's website, podcast, newsletter, and social media presence. Additionally, a style guide was created to uphold design consistency in future updates.

"Partnering with these digital visionaries felt like a tech-savvy upgrade for my academic persona! They didn't just create a website; they engineered a virtual haven where my ideas mingle with blog brilliance, courses, and a podcast creation. It's not just a site; it's my footprint in the digital domain."

Jeremy Utley
Adjunct Professor, Stanford University


Jeremy is thriving in his pursuits, managing a multitude of ideas and projects concurrently. Establishing a brand aesthetic that seamlessly translates across various platforms has been crucial. With a newsletter audience exceeding 20,000 and now in his 3rd podcast season, Jeremy's website functions as a comprehensive portfolio showcasing his work and projects, complete with a clear call-to-action.