Jane Chen

San Francisco

Jane Chen

In our collaboration with globally recognized entrepreneur, inventor, and speaker Jane Chen, we undertook a mission to enhance her personal branding and amplify her impactful work. Our goal was to assist Jane in clarifying her objectives, defining her identity, and creating a platform that effectively communicates her true self, promotes product sales (courses), and serves as a polished portfolio showcasing her accomplishments in a compelling and clean way.
Jane faced the challenge of harmonizing the aesthetics of her work, personal life, and interests while also improving the organization and establishing a clear call to action on her website. Working within the confines of her older Squarespace template, we aimed to strike a balance that reflected both her professional achievements and personal identity. Additionally, the challenge involved reorganizing the website's pages to ensure a more structured layout and implementing a compelling call to action for visitors. Despite the template limitations, our goal was to create a visually cohesive and functional space that aligns seamlessly with Jane's multifaceted life and encourages meaningful engagement.
The revamped website successfully achieved clarity in Jane's goals, showcasing a clean and engaging representation of her identity. Despite the limitations of the existing template, we managed to create a space that aligns with her vision. Post-revamp, the data stats witnessed an increase, with more people booking talks and engagements. Jane now receives inquiries through her website, illustrating the positive impact of the transformation on her online presence.


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The Process

Research & Analysis
Commencing with Jane's existing website design as a foundation, our discovery call involved a meticulous examination of the site's pros and cons. We delved into what worked well and identified areas for improvement. Analyzing her past data revealed that approximately 65% of the audience accessed the site via mobile, a crucial factor considered in our subsequent building process.
Wire-framing & Prototyping
We crafted low-fidelity wireframes encompassing various concepts tailored to Jane's preferences. Transitioning this information into her Squarespace template posed challenges, requiring additional coding on top of the existing structure. Despite working within the constraints of an older Squarespace template, our objective was to recreate a space that aligned with our mockups. Notably, the site had to undergo a one-week downtime for the revamp.
Usability Testing
Given the paramount importance of mobile compatibility, extensive usability testing was conducted with diverse users on different devices to ensure optimal functionality.
Visual Design & Style Guide
Collaborating closely with Jane, we curated the right photos, leveraging a photoshoot she had in Hawaii. While the initial photos were excellent, we recognized the imperfections of reality. Leveraging AI, we skillfully enhanced the visuals by seamlessly incorporating plants to convey the desired concept and vibe. Addressing issues such as unclear calls to action, a vague strategy, and the need for engaging content organization, our process aimed at clarifying Jane's goals and identity. The objective was to bring out her true self, promote product sales (courses), and present a polished portfolio that showcased her work in a clean and compelling manner.

"Revamping my digital presence was like rediscovering myself. The redesigned website is more than just a platform; it's a personal narrative that authentically reflects who I am and connects with others on a deeper level."

Jan Chen
Co-Founder, Embrace Global


The revitalized website yielded impressive results, with increased data stats and heightened user engagement. More individuals started booking talks and engagements, and Jane experienced a surge in inquiries directly through her website. The transformation not only elevated her online presence but also translated into tangible success in various aspects of her professional endeavors.